NC State
Functional Data Analysis Lab

The Functional Data Reading Group meets every Friday at 1:15pm in SAS 5202. Discussions may include recent publications, book chapters, student research presentations, and practice sessions for upcoming conferences. An up-to-date list of previous and upcoming topics can be found here. Slides will be available on this page after the presentation date.

Fall 2017

Aug 25: Md Nazmul Islam, “Modeling sparse generalized longitudinal observations with latent gaussian processes” by Hall, Muller, and Yao (2007).

Sep 1: Stephanie Chen, “Restricted Likelihood Ratio Tests for Functional Effects in the Functional Linear Model” by Swihart, Goldsmith, and Crainiceanu (2014). Slides

Sep 15: Michael Geden, “An anova test for functional data” by Cuevas, Febrero, and Fraiman (2004).

Sep 22: Saebitna Oh, “Two Samples Tests for Functional Data” by Zhang, Peng, and Zhang (2010).

Sep 29: Wanying Ma, “Joint Modeling and Clustering Paired Generalized Longitudinal Trajectories With Application to Cocaine Abuse Treatment Data” by Huang, Li, and Guan (2014).

Oct 13: Meredith King, “A Measure of Directional Outlyingness with Applications to Image Data and Video” by Rousseuw, Raymeakers, and Hubert (2017). Slides