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Functional Data Analysis Lab

The Functional Data Reading Group meets every Friday at 1:00 pm in SAS 5202. Discussions may include recent publications, book chapters, student research presentations, and practice sessions for upcoming conferences. An up-to-date list of previous and upcoming topics can be found here. Slides will be available on this page after the presentation date.

Spring 2021

Jan 15: Salil, Samsul, Sukanya and Adam “Predicting Clinical Outcomes in Glioblastoma: An Application of Topological and Functional Data Analysis” by Crawford, Monod, Mukherjee and Rabadán (2019).

Jan 29: “Statistical Analysis of Functions on Surfaces, With an Application to Medical Imaging” by Lila and Aston (2019).

Feb 5: “Prediction, Estimation, and Attribution” by Efron (2020).

Feb 12: Discussion of “Prediction, Estimation, and Attribution” by Bradley Efron” by Friedman, Hastie and Tibshirani (2020) and “Discussion of the Paper “Prediction, Estimation, and Attribution” by B. Efron” by Candès and Sabatti (2020).

Feb 19: Comment: When Is It Data Science and When Is It Data Engineering?” by Cressie (2020).

Feb 26: Rejoinder” by Efron (2020).

Mar 5: Functional Censored Quantile Regression” by Jiang, Cheng, Yin and Shen (2019).

Mar 12: Additive Functional Regression for Densities as Responses” by Han, Müller and Park (2019).


Spring 2020

Jan 17: Zekun (Jack) Xu (P1), Alex Long (P2) and Salil Koner (P3), A Spatial Modeling Approach for Linguistic Object Data: Analyzing Dialect Sound Variations Across Great Britain by Shahin Tavakoli, Davide Pigoli, John A. D. Aston and John S. Coleman (2019).

Fall 2017

Aug 25: Md Nazmul Islam, “Modeling sparse generalized longitudinal observations with latent gaussian processes” by Hall, Muller, and Yao (2007).

Sep 1: Stephanie Chen, “Restricted Likelihood Ratio Tests for Functional Effects in the Functional Linear Model” by Swihart, Goldsmith, and Crainiceanu (2014). Slides

Sep 15: Michael Geden, “An anova test for functional data” by Cuevas, Febrero, and Fraiman (2004).

Sep 22: Saebitna Oh, “Two Samples Tests for Functional Data” by Zhang, Peng, and Zhang (2010).

Sep 29: Wanying Ma, “Joint Modeling and Clustering Paired Generalized Longitudinal Trajectories With Application to Cocaine Abuse Treatment Data” by Huang, Li, and Guan (2014).

Oct 13: Meredith King, “A Measure of Directional Outlyingness with Applications to Image Data and Video” by Rousseuw, Raymeakers, and Hubert (2017). Slides