NC State
Functional Data Analysis Lab

Principal Investigators

Arnab Maity, Associate Professor

Research Interests: I am interested in functional data analysis, kernel machine regression, and semiparametric regression and inference, with a wide range of applications in gene and environmental studies, environmental epidemiology, and epigentics.

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Ana-Maria Staicu, Associate Professor

Research Interests: My research interests are primarily in functional data analysis, longitudinal data analysis, nonparametric statistics, and brain imaging analysis. This work has been applied to brain tractography studies of MS and brain imaging studies, wearable computing, animal studies, and environmental studies.

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Luo Xiao, Assistant Professor

Research Interests: I am interested in developing nonparametric and functional data methods and associated softwares with primary applications in wearable computing, neuro-imaging and other biostatistical fields.

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Current Students/Post-Docs

Mityl Biswas, PhD Student

Advisor: Arnab Maity (Expected Graduation: 2019)

Research interests: My current project involves hypothesis testing on regressing functional data on scalar variables.







Rahul Ghoshal, PhD Student

Advisor: Arnab Maity

Research Interests: I am primarily interested in functional regression techniques and functional principal component analysis, and non-parametric regression.




Wanying Ma, PhD Student

Advisor: Luo Xiao (Expected Graduation: 2019)

Research Interests: Model testing for functional data and multivariate fPCA with biostatistical applications. I am currently working on developing a fast covariance estimation method for multivariate functional data.





Kara Martinez, PhD Student

Advisor: Arnab Maity (Expected Graduation: 2020)

Research Interests: My current research focuses on robust kernel machine methods with applications to genetic association testing involving non-normal responses.






Zekun (Jack) Xu, PhD Student

Advisors: Ana-Maria Staicu & Eric Laber (Expected Graduation: 2020)

Research Interests: My research interests are in the applications of hidden Markov model and Markov decision process in the field of wearable computing, dynamic treatment regime, and machine learning. My current project is about finding optimal treatment regime among patients with a latent disease state trajectory, where the number of decision stages are random.





Stephanie Chen, PhD Student

Advisor: Luo Xiao & Ana-Maria Staicu (Expected Graduation: 2019)

Dissertation: Hypothesis Testing for Functional and Repeated Measurements Data.


First Job: Research Scientist, Eli Lilly.



Md Nazmul Islam, PhD Student

Advisor: Ana-Maria Staicu & Jonathan Stallings (Graduated: 2018)

Dissertation: Functional Data Analysis with Applications in Animal Science and Biomedical Engineering.

First Job: Research Associate, United Health.




Meredith King, PhD Student

Advisor: Ana-Maria Staicu (Graduated: 2018)

Dissertation: New Methods for Complex Problems in Functional Data Analysis.

First Job: Data Scientist, Northrop Grumman.






Saebitna Oh, PhD Student

Advisor: Ana-Maria Staicu & Arnab Maity (Graduated: 2019)

Dissertation: To be posted.






So Young Park, PhD Student

Advisor: Ana-Maria Staicu (Graduated: 2017)

Dissertation: Longitudinal Functional Data Analysis with Biomedical Applications

First Job: Research Scientist, Eli Lilly.


Haoyu Wang, PhD Student

Advisor: Arnab Maity & Brian Reich (Graduated: 2019)

Dissertation: Advances and Applications of Nonparametric Statistics.